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Paradox: The Nexus of Entropy™ is a next generation massively multiplayer online role-playing game.
It promises to bring back the challenge that older MMOs offered while incorporating a fresh, new and ingenious aspect to a multiplayer game.

What makes Paradox the next generation of MMOs?
• A community grown around players, with developers who listen to their customers.
• Huge amount of progression and end game content such as; a player government system, city vs. city warfare, possibility of gaining player fame through various achievements, team oriented grouping and full scale raids requiring individuals of different classes and races, story driven quests, hidden zones, elusive trade skill recipes, powerful unique spells and items, hosted server events and celebrations.
• A player government system based on an economic and political structure operated by trade skills, vendor interaction, wars and player decisions.
• 14 playable races with a choice of 15 primary classes, and more than 100 possible class combinations.
• Interactive questing with world and event dependent stories. Puzzle and quest locations change for each player upon receiving a new quest. Quests are based on in game factors such as weather, class, faction, etc. and reward the player admirably depending on their difficulty.
• A manually controlled combat system based primarily on a player’s skill rather than an auto-attack system.
• Public dungeons within dozens of zones, most of which are initially uncharted to players.
• Many difficult and fun group or raid zones whose entry requires solving a puzzle or avoiding/removing traps.
• An in-game store which NEVER sells content that allows players an advantage over others through real life monetary transactions such as weapons, armor, in-game coin or level enhancements. Players will only find content like guild banners, t-shirts, vanity gear, etc.
• An epic main story whose progression depends on choices made by the player community.
• A player “Permanent Record” searchable by other players, detailing player achievements and server related criminal actions like cheating, kill-stealing, etc.
• A crafting system based mostly on player skills instead of mind numbing, monotonous clicking.
• Player owned trade skill shops and private homes.
• City bazaars.
• A huge world with ships, mounted units, wagons, caravans, air ships, and teleporters. All of which can be built, controlled and automated by players.
• Player built towns, Top Secret player contracted missions, tons of customization and much, much more!

Join forces with other players in enormous city or environment raids; build new cities, houses, shops, statues and dockyards. The potential power that Paradox offers is nearly limitless; Player vs. Player, Realm vs. Realm, Player vs. Environment, interactive quests and plenty of lollygagging! One can play the game one day, come back the next and see the world entirely different! The dynamic universe promises a highly addictive and involved setting that is set to test even the most audacious players and still retain faintness for those humble sorts.

About the Developers
We are active gamers with a passion for MMOs. We believe in producing a high quality game focused on community and game mechanics. We are designing Paradox specifically with users in mind and are willing to listen to the gaming community! Players are looking for a unique challenge that allows their best attributes to gleam. Become part of  a world that offers a fun and entertaining menagerie of epic battles, team dependent progression and raids, interactive puzzles, player run governments and city-scale economics.

Currently in its development stage, we are working to procure funding for Paradox. Show us your support for MMOs. The 2012 MMO Revolution starts today..! Join us and change gaming history!!
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